The science of good grooming. Our Elemental Spiced Beard Oil combines natural ingredients in an oil designed to moisturise the beard and the skin beneath it.

The fragrance is a spicy masculine blend containing five different essential oils for rugged men who like their beards luxurious and beautifully groomed.


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Choose Elemental Beard Oil

Keeping the skin beneath the beard healthy is just as important as the beard itself. Elemental Beard Oil is perfect for men who find they are getting dandruff when they (or someone else) runs their fingers through their beard.

Why it works

A beard acts as a barrier, keeping water away from your face, so it is easy for the skin to get dried out. Massaging in returns moisture to the skin’s surface and helps stimulate blood flow. The results can be enjoyed almost instantly. The benefits of a regularly oiled beard are that it stays in place when combed into shape, looks and feels soft, luxurious and healthy, and generally makes you look even more handsome than you are already.

Instructions for use

Apply just a few drops to the palms of the hands and massage through the beard. For a perfectly conditioned look, comb the oil through using a wooden comb.

Who makes Elemental Beard Oil?

I started making my own beard oil because I was unhappy with the poor quality oil I was given for my birthday. It was from a popular online brand, but didn’t feel or smell particularly good. I knew I could do better and after a year of experimentation produced my first bottle of Elemental. My bearded friends tried it too and loved it, so I decided to offer it on the web to anyone else who wants to buy a good quality, carefully produced oil.

Elemental Beard Oil is made without mineral oil. Mineral oil comes from deep underground and is a petroleum by-product. You don’t really want that on your face and neither do I.  Say no to mineral oils in your bathroom products; say yes to Elemental Beard Oil.

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